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Morris Minor Garage

The Garage is modeled on a 1920’s deco design and is home to Morris Minors and other historical vehicles dating back to 1926. The collection is flanked by advertising memorabilia and dealer signs relating to bygone eras of motoring.

The Garage is located at Harcourt in Central Victoria (Australia). It is open to Community Groups and Car Clubs by appointment. The Garage is also home to ‘Windrush Park’ Olive Oil, and the studio and garden of renowned artist Claire McKellar.

Windrush Park Olive oil can be purchased from Bill McKellar at a special wholesale price.

Located 20 minutes from Bendigo and 1 1/2 hours from Melbourne, Harcourt is an ideal rally destination with many local tourist attractions within a short driving distance from the Garage.

ABC TV Series Mother & Son 1956 Morris Minor
1936 Morris 8/40 Roadster        
1926 Chevrolet
1928 Chevrolet
1928 Morris Minor
1929 Morris Minor Sports
1948 Morris Minor Series MM
1955 Morris Minor Convertable
Series II
1957 Morris Minor 1000
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller
1959 Morris Minor 1000
1959 Morris Minor Van (unrestored)
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Ute
1960 Morris Minor 1000,000
Limited Edition
1963 EH Holden Special
1964 EH Holden Special
Station Wagon
1970 Morris Minor Panda Police Car
1911 Ronaldson & Tippit
Stationary Engine
Ample Grounds for Club Concourse
and Displays
Motoring Advertising Memorabilia
The Morris Garden
Display Area, magnificent views
and garden
Early Morning
Welcome to the display
National Cash Register       Bed time in the Garage – good night!